Microsoft released new Patch to increase SSD and HDD speed on Windows 11

Microsoft released new Patch to increase SSD and HDD speed on Windows 11

A few days ago, Windows 11 users discovered one very unpleasant feature of the new operating system – after its installation, the speed of reading and writing data in drives drops dramatically. Initially, it was believed that the problem affects only NVMe cards, but then it turned out that SATA versions of SSDs and conventional magnetic hard drives (HDD) are also affected by it.

The drop in speed, depending on the type and model of the drive, could be catastrophic – up to several dozen times. Users wondered what could have caused this, many believed that the fault was the broken drivers that the system receives through Windows Update. Microsoft has found that storage performance degrades when the Update Sequence Number log is enabled in the file system, which records changes to data on the media. On the system partition, this log is always enabled by default by default; it cannot be disabled.

Fortunately, Microsoft already has a solution to the problem. The company has released a patch, after the installation of which the speed of the drive should be restored to its previous level. The patch has technical number KB5007262 and is available to some Windows 11 users through Windows Update and laid out on the Microsoft website. Now it can be installed manually, and soon it will be included in the regular cumulative update of the operating system.

Download the update –

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