Microsoft Teams Can Turn Phones Into Walkie-talkies

Microsoft Teams Can Turn Phones Into Walkie-talkies

Technological advances are designed to make human work easier, this makes many technology companies continue to innovate to create new technologies. Likewise with what is done by the latest innovations from Microsoft.

Next September Microsoft will be showing us the Microsoft Teams feature as a walkie-talkie with your phone, over a wireless or cellular connection, reports TechRadar.

Microsoft Teams will be able to turn your phone into an old-school walkie-talkie

With this new feature, your phone or tablet will be able to be used as a walkie-talkie, via the Microsoft Teams app. The new feature will be available in September worldwide.

The walkie-talkie option seems quite convenient for first-line workers, and it will help reduce the number of devices they have to carry while providing the necessary security.

Emma Williams, CVP of the modern workplace vertical at Microsoft, stated that the new built-in Teams functionality will help lower IT costs for companies and organizations. He also adds that this feature is more secure when compared to analog devices with unsecured networks, and you don’t have to worry about eavesdropping or crosstalk.

This feature will work over Wi-Fi or cellular data and can be used in various geographic locations. Previously, Samsung had showcased how you can use the new Microsoft Teams features with the powerful Galaxy XCover Pro without even unlocking the phone, given the fact that you can access them via the programmable buttons on the phone.

Microsoft Teams Can Turn Phones Into Walkie-talkies

To further add to the Team walkie-talkie feature, you can use it with a wireless headset. For example, the Jabra Blue Parrot and Klein Valor Speakers are validated to work with the new functionality.

This feature will launch in September, and to use it, you must first open the app on your smartphone and look for the Walkie Talkie icon in the navigation bar. It will be there or in the “More” option.

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