Microsoft tool let’s you create applications without knowing programming

Microsoft tool let’s you create applications without knowing programming

Microsoft has introduced its first GPT-3 product, integrating OpenAI’s GPT-3 natural language model into the Power Apps low-code development platform. This will allow you to create applications with little or no coding or formulas.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, users will be able to create applications in dialogue mode. For example, when developing an e-commerce application, you can describe your desired goal in the dialog: “Find products whose name begins with” children. ” The GPT-3 model will provide options to convert a text command into a formula from Microsoft Power Fx, an open source Power Platform programming language such as “Filter (‘BC Orders’ Left (‘Product Name’, 4) =” Kids “)”. The principle of operation is similar to that of a search engine: the user makes a request and receives a list of possible formulas in response, from which they can choose the most suitable one.

Microsoft tool let's you create applications without knowing programming

Despite the fact that Power Fx is built on top of Microsoft Excel and is therefore much more accessible to use than traditional programming languages, the formation of, for example, complex data queries can still require quite deep technical knowledge. Previously, it was possible to create applications without knowing the code, but it was still necessary to understand the logic of writing formulas. Using natural language in the application building process will lower the barrier to entry to application development. At the same time, the innovation does not replace the need for one person to understand the code they implement, but is intended to help people studying the Power Fx programming language and to simplify the selection of the correct formulas to obtain the desired result. . .


GPT-3 works in the Microsoft Azure cloud and the Azure Machine Learning service was used to retrain it for the task. Integration will be one of the first applications of the model in solving applied business problems.

The new features will be available through public pretests at the end of June. In the future, Microsoft also plans to integrate Power Fx into other tools within Power Platform applications, which will extend the GPT-3-based natural language capability to these products as well.

The announcement is a continuation of the strategic partnership with OpenAI. The companies partnered in 2019, and in 2020 at Build, it was announced that Microsoft had created a supercomputer for OpenAI, one of the five most powerful in the world, which was used to train GPT-3.


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