Microsoft will release a light version of Windows 11

Microsoft will release a light version of Windows 11

Together with the full editions of Windows 11 (Home, Pro, Enterprise, etc.), Microsoft plans to release another one, with greatly reduced features. It will be called Windows 11 SE, and its early test build was also leaked on internet and was tested by enthusiasts.

Windows 11 SE is designed for organizations that provide their employees with laptops as a work tool. This OS relies mostly on cloud services, and its configuration (in particular, providing access to some features) is carried out by the IT administrator remotely using special utilities.

Windows 11 SE

In Windows 11 SE, access to the Microsoft App Store is blocked by default, its launch requires permission from the IT administrator of the organization that owns the account with which you are logged in. Installation of Win32 applications may also be prohibited. On a computer with this OS, there can be only one account, but by agreement with the IT administrator, you can add another.

In the cloud version of Windows 10 S-Mode, there are even more restrictions: for example, it is impossible to install Win32 applications at all, you can only work with specialized software available in the corporate segment of the Microsoft store.

Windows 11 will be unveiled on June 24th. At the same event, Windows 11 SE will probably be covered.


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