Microsoft’s LinkedIn stops operating in China, Here’s the Reason

Microsoft's LinkedIn stops operating in China, Here's the Reason

Microsoft decided to withdraw LinkedIn services in China. The move marks the company’s withdrawal from operating in the country.

This can happen because China is increasingly tightening their control in the internet world, which undeniably makes it difficult for Bill Gates’s company to run its business.

Through its official blog, LinkedIn said the resignation was not easy, and the platform at the end of this year will be replaced with a version that will focus on job information only called InJobs. This application reportedly will not have a feed or sharing options like on LinkedIn.

Previously, LinkedIn in China continued to experience super tight supervision, because it was a foreign social media application, even though it had a fairly strong scope as a professional forum for workers.

However, China is undeniably quite strict in regulating the flow of social media that runs within its territory, and the fact is that there are also many social media platforms that have been banned, such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

In this regard, the Chinese government also emphasized that it wants social media platforms operating in its territory to be more active in promoting socialist core values. And against illegally using personal information contained on the platform.

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