MIUI 13 Key Features Revealed

MIUI 13 Key Features Revealed

Xiaomi is testing a major MIUI update. Insiders revealed some of the features of MIUI 13 – in particular, a number of innovations that this shell will receive.

MIUI 13 will support Gesture Turbo 2.0 technology, which makes animations in the operating system smoother and more visually pleasing. Even a floating window that some applications launch on top of the main content will have animation.


Xiaomi will change the interface of the “Control Center” – advanced sound settings will be moved there and it will also be possible to adjust the intensity of the vibration response there. In addition, Xiaomi can add to MIUI the ability to increase RAM in some smartphone models by allocating part of the space in the drive.

The release of MIUI 13, according to insiders, will be delayed. Xiaomi originally planned to release this update by the end of the summer, but the release will be ready in the fall or winter.

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