Mobile Legends Update 1.5.96 Brings New Skins For Heroes

Mobile Legends Update 1.5.96 Brings New Skins For Heroes

Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legend, has finally officially released the latest update for Mobile Legends 1.5.96. In the Mobile Legends 1.5.96 update, there are several heroes who get updates, skins and buffs.

The first hero who will get a new skin is Bruno with the Green Falcon skin. According to the plan, this new skin will only be introduced on July 20, 2021.

Mobile Legends Update 1.5.96 Brings New Skins For Heroes

Players can later get this Bruno skin with 749 diamonds. On its first release, players will receive a 30% discount.

Then next is the Zhask hero, one of the mage heroes, this one hero was previously pulled by Moonton and cannot be used. Now in the next update, Zhask gets a pretty significant buff. Most likely, in this latest patch note, Zhask can already be used again in the Mobile Legends game. The following is a review of the buffs given.

then Karina, who is one of the meta heroes. Not infrequently nowadays, Karina gets bans from the players because she has a strong ability. Now in the next update, Karina seems to be getting a buff again. It seems that the presence of yesterday’s revamp is still not enough to make Karina one of the meta heroes.

With this buff, it is confirmed that this magic assassin hero is getting more meta and will even get banned more often in Mobile Legends.

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Phoveus is a fairly widely played hero, but after a month of being present, this one hero begins to dim in play and you rarely find it in rank mode in Mobile Legends.
The reason is, even though this one hero is still strong and deadly, but with many more meta heroes, the use of Phoveus’ hero is less favorable.

Then the last hero to get a buff in the Mobile Legends 1.5.96 update is Yve. This hero is actually quite balanced, many players also ban this hero in ranked games.

But it looks like Yve still can’t compete with other mage heroes, so he only makes it as a hero ban hero so that meta heroes can be used.

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