More ads in the App Store

More ads in the App Store

Apple has increased the number of ad slots in the App Store. Previously, there was only one slot – at the top of the screen after searching for keywords, and now there are two of them.

The second slot is located in the Recommended section below the keyword hints for finding games and apps. This innovation appeared only recently, after the release of the iOS 14.5 update. The new slot isn’t showing to all users yet, but it’s probably temporary, so get ready to see more ads in the App Store.

App Store
Illustration from the site “Durov’s Code”

Obviously, in this way Apple wants to increase revenue from its Apple Search Ads advertising platform. With this platform, developers can make their apps and games more visible by promoting them for specific keywords. In addition, Apple continues to promote its own apps in the same way (Apple Music, Apple Arcade, etc.)

Judging by the recent financial report, Apple is less and less dependent on the release of iPhones and gadgets in general. The company receives more and more money from its services; in the first quarter of 2021, revenue from them turned out to be a record and amounted to $ 16.9 billion (or 18.9% of the total revenue). At the same time, Apple receives more than half of its income (53.5% to be exact) from the sale of smartphones.


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