Most Profitable Blog Niches in 2021

Most Profitable Blog Niches in 2021

For beginners who have just entered the world of blogging, they may find it difficult to determine what characteristics or values they want to highlight from their blog. And if you still find it difficult to find the main topic to be written in your blog, then you are at the right reference.

Because you will find the answer here. Starting from why you need a niche blog, what is a niche blog, to a list of current blog niches that are currently popular and interesting to develop. Come on, just look at the full description below.

What is a Blog Niche?

Niche Blog is a special topic that you will create as a reference for the content on your blog. By using only one niche blog, your blog will seem more specific and focused. This will have a good effect on your targeted audience .

Advantages of Choosing Only 1 Niche Blo

Getting A udience Compatible with Target

If you are the type of person who has a hobby of traveling for example and owns or participates in various communities of traveling lovers , then you can use the “Traveling” niche for your blog and share each of your blog content with the traveling community that you follow.

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That way you will get an audience or readers who really match the target on your blog and it is likely that they will remain loyal to look forward to the content that will be published on your blog.

Making More Consistent

By choosing a niche blog, you automatically only need to focus on creating content within the same topic. This helps to be more consistent in producing content. And if the content created on the same topic has been running for years, then it is very likely that you will be known as an expert on the topic and even your blog can be used as a reference by many people.

Easier to Monetize Blog

If your blog already has loyal visitors and the content produced is consistent on a particular topic, then it will be easier for you to find ads that match your trademark blog. For example, your blog consistently writes content on the topic of beauty and you offer an ad slot to a beauty brand , then it is likely that the brand will agree to advertise on your blog seeing that visitors from the content you publish are in accordance with their target market, namely women. interested in beauty.

Tips for Determining the Right Blog Niche

Do Brainstorming

 In this process you can find ideas for your blog niche from your daily life, hobbies, viewing objects in your room or house, reading a favorite magazine, or even from popular products on e-commerce sites that you frequent. visit.

Validate Ideas

Next you need to validate the collected topic ideas based on how much you like the topic. Is this topic your passion ? Because if the topic used as a blog niche is your passion , it will tend to be easier to enjoy creating content and developing blogs. The next consideration is whether the topic is of interest to many people and whether the topic can be developed in the future to make money . To find out a comparison of what topics are popular and much in demand by the public, you can see them through Google Trends.

If you have never used Google Trends, then you don’t need to worry because Google Trends is very easy to use. You just need to open Google Trends through a browser and enter the keywords or topics you want to analyze in comparison.

Current niche blogs

For example, you are a football and automotive fan so you are confused about choosing a blog niche from these two topics. You can compare the performance of the two topics via Google Trends. As is known ” soccer ” has more audiences during the last one year. Fluctuations in the keyword “ soccer ” can also be seen clearly. So it can be concluded that the topic of ” football ” is more popular and has more audiences .

Have you found a niche blog idea that you will use from the description that has been explained? If not, you don’t have to worry. Because in the next section we have summarized a list of niche blogs that are currently popular.

List of Current and Popular Blog Niches in 2021


Since the Covid-19 pandemic has touched the whole world and even reached Indonesia, everyone spends most of their time at home. Therefore they need more entertainment that can be accessed from home to fill their spare time. Usually they watch movies, read novels, watch Korean dramas as a place for daily entertainment. The data also shows that searches for the keyword ” music ” increased by 240 percent.

Current niche blogs

The pandemic that has changed human habits and activities to be done more online ( online ) makes the topic of entertainment the right choice for your blog niche. Some of the recommended keywords are “ song lyrics ”, “ drama ”, “ film ”, and “ novel ”. Data obtained from Google Trends shows that these keywords have a stable performance in 2021. Of the four keywords, “ lyric” and “ film ” had the best performance.

For topics about entertainment or entertainment , what kind of content can you create on your blog? You can write or create some content like the following:

  • BTS Butter song lyrics
  • The most exciting Korean drama recommendations 2021
  • The latest 2021 movie recommendations on Netflix
  • Latest novel reviews
  • Korean drama or movie review
  • And others

Is the entertainment niche profitable?

Of course the entertainment niche can be profitable. If you write review content about a particular novel and your writing is notified by the original author, then you may have the opportunity to work together on that author’s next work. For example, you are offered a contract to write a review of the author’s future works because your blog has readers or visitors who match the author’s target market. Or it could be because your review writing is meaningful and able to influence readers to participate in buying and reading the novel.


One of the effects of the pandemic that is felt by some people, especially women, is a beauty routine that tends to be done alone at home. People still reduce their activities to visit beauty clinics or beauty salons. Buying beauty products is also mostly done online through platforms or e-commerce . The reported data also shows that searches related to beauty topics rose by 95 percent.

Current niche blogs

Some of the recommended keywords for the “ beauty ” blog niche are “ skincare ”, “ makeup ”, and “ acne ”. Data obtained from Google Trends shows that these three keywords have had stable performance since the beginning of 2021. Of the three keywords, ” acne ” has the best performance.

For topics about beauty, what kind of content can you create on your blog? You can write or create some content like the following:

  • Recommended skincare to get rid of acne scars
  • Korean style makeup tips and tricks
  • Comparison between certain beauty products
  • Tips to get rid of acne naturally
  • Local makeup products at affordable prices
  • How to dye your own hair
  • And others

Is the beauty niche profitable?

Beauty blog niches can make money for you from ads placed by beauty product brands. As is known, local brands for beauty are increasingly mushrooming and increasing in number. In addition, you can also work with beauty brands or services. And if you are deeper and more expert in the context of beauty, you can create your own beauty brand and promote it through your own blog. Interesting right?


Current niche blogs

Food is an easy choice if you are really confused in choosing a blog niche. Because food is a necessity of life for everyone. So that food is a topic that will always be liked by most people. The topic of food or food in 2021 has a fairly stable audience . The performance of the topic ” food ” is always in the range of 50 to 100 people every day who are predicted to search on google with that topic.

Current niche blogs

The recommended keywords for the food blog niche are ” recipe “, and ” how to make “. Evidenced by data obtained from Google Trends shows that the two keywords have very high interest in early 2021. The trend of Google users towards the keyword ” how to make ” has a higher average interest than ” recipe “.

For topics about food, what kind of content can you create on your blog? You can write or create some content like the following:

  • How to make Dalgona Coffee
  • Simple fried rice recipe for boarding children
  • Recommended cities in Indonesia with mouth-watering specialties
  • Recommended cafes that are suitable for assignments
  • Information on food prices
  • How to order coffee at Starbucks
  • And others

Is the food niche profitable?

The food blog niche can make money for you by participating in blog competitions, receiving advertising offers from a particular food brand or restaurant, so you can work together or collaborate with several food bloggers to produce interesting content that attracts many advertisers.


In this day and age, many of the younger generation are financially literate. They have realized the importance of passive income earned by investing. Especially since the pandemic period where millennials flocked to the stock world. Then where do they get financial literacy? Currently, there are many scattered on the internet, YouTube , and other platforms regarding investment explanations. Your blog can also be a source of financial literacy for today’s young generation if you choose finance as your blog niche.

Current niche blogs

Some recommended keywords for the “ finance ” blog niche are “ investment ”, “ stock ”, “ bitcoin ”, and “ business ”. Over the past year, the topic of finance has become a topic that has a steady amount of interest for Google searches. The number of searches on Google for finance topics has never decreased drastically over the past year. Of the four keywords, “ stock ” and “ business ” performed the best. In addition to these four keywords, based on known data, the volume for searches for ” mutual funds ” increased by 210 percent,”saving tips ” increased 140 percent, “emergency fund” increased by 140 percent, and the keyword “ buy gold ” increased 85 percent.

For topics related to finance, what kind of content can you create on your blog? You can write or create some content like the following:

  • Businesses that promise to increase financial income during the pandemic
  • How to analyze the fundamentals of stock issuers
  • How to manage salary so it doesn’t run out right away
  • Investing tips and tricks for beginners
  • How to build an online business for beginners
  • The importance of emergency funds in the pandemic era
  • And others


If you are someone who enjoys traveling, traveling, exploring hidden games that exist in Indonesia or do traveling abroad, then niche blogs traveling or sightseeing will be a great choice for you. Even though the current pandemic still overshadows people’s daily lives, the content you create about traveling can cure people’s longing for the beauty of traveling. You can share memorable photographs during traveling before. Or even provide recommendations for nearby tourist attractions as well as travel tips and tricks during the pandemic. The data shows that the search results for the keyword “Nearest ride tickets “up 90 percent. This is because access to public movement is limited due to the pandemic period, so people tend to look for tourist recommendations that are closest to their domicile.

Current niche blogs

Data obtained from Google Trends shows that the keyword ” tourist place ” soared high for search interest on Google on May 14-15. This can happen because it coincides with the moment of Eid where many people use it as a time to gather with family while traveling together. With this data, the “ traveling ” blog niche or the like has a great opportunity to bring in a lot of visitors, especially when the Covid-19 pandemic really ends.

For topics about traveling , what kind of content can you create on your blog? You can write or create some content like the following:

  • Backpacker tips and tricks for beginners
  • Cheap hotel recommendations
  • Tips and tricks for traveling with a minimalist budget
  • Things to prepare before climbing
  • Hidden tourist games in Bali
  • And others


The topic of ” education ” can also be your option as a niche blog. Recommended keywords for educational blog niches are, for example, “ scholarship ”, “ webinar ”, “ pre-employment card ”, and “ online course ”. Of the four keywords, ” scholarship ” is a keyword with good performance since early 2021. While the keyword “webinar” even though it does not have a search interest on google as high as “scholarship”, but its performance is stable and significant. The keyword “pre-employment card” itself has an anomaly of a drastic increase in the Google search engine in the period from late February to late March.

List of current blog niches in 2021 2021

For topics about education, what kind of content can you create on your blog? You can write or create some content like the following:

  • Tips for passing the LPDP scholarship beasiswa
  • Tips for passing the Pre-Employment Card selection
  • The most popular college majors
  • Register for a free online course that you can take
  • And others

In addition to the six recommended blog niches above, you can also choose a blog niche with the topic ” health “, ” technology “, or ” design “.

List of current blog niches in 2021 2021

The niche blog ” health ” can be an interesting option considering the current conditions have made people more aware of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Or you can choose a niche blog ” technology ” which discusses applications that are widely used during the pandemic, discusses the importance of being aware of the data entered when registering in an application so that data is not stolen, discussing big data, and others. design ” is no less interesting to be a niche blog choice if you are a person who has a passion in the field of design, both fashion design, interior design, or others.


When you first enter the world of blogging, you may find it difficult to determine the specific topics that will be discussed and become the hallmark of your blog. Special topics that characterize your blog and become a theme in creating content for blogs are called niche blogs.

The advantage of only choosing one niche blog is to get an audience or readers that match the target, make it more consistent and can develop into experts, and it’s easier to monetize the blog. The easy way to get blog niche ideas is to brainstorm and after that validate blog niche ideas so that the chosen blog niche really matches your interests, expertise, and passion.

Recommendations for the current blog niche in 2021 include Entertainment or Entertainment, Beauty, Culinary, Finance, Traveling, Education, Health, Design, and Technology.

That’s a list of current blog niches in 2021 that you must know if you are a beginner. For those of you who want to create a website for blogging, Masterweb can be the right choice for you. By using


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