MX Player Pro Mod Apk Download Latest Version 2022 Premium Unlocked

The most recommended application for playing videos from smart phone devices is MX player pro apk.

Not without reason, its features are very complete and easy to use. Indeed, there are many similar applications, but they are not as good as those provided by this application developed by MX Media.

you can even use the free version which is also provided on the Playstore. Watch videos, whether of the type of film or personal videos whenever needed.

Not only to fill spare time, but also as entertainment. Besides that, it can also be used to add insight if the video is included in the education category.

Unfortunately, the video format obtained from the download is usually not supported by the device and application that is used. This might make you drop and lose the mod to watch the video.

The problems mentioned earlier can be solved with one application, which we will discuss thoroughly about its advantages and features.

For those of you who want to try to feel its greatness, please use the free version first.

On the Playstore, this version is already used by more than 1 billion Android users. It’s not a small number, of course, it’s rare for similar applications to attract that many users.

Meanwhile, the Pro version is currently used by more than 1 million users with a satisfactory rating of 4.7 stars.

MX Player Pro Apk Review

The free version that can be used to play videos is of course limited in terms of the features provided.

It’s different with the MX player pro apk with all its complete features. This application supports all video formats, from DIVX, FLV, MOV, WMV, and many more.

Even when you play videos that don’t support the existing format, MX player pro provides an alternative to installing the recommended codecs.

Thus, any video that will be played is almost certain to support it. This is the so-called multi-core decoding feature, which cannot be obtained with the free version.

Amazingly, almost all of these features are automatic or can be run in a very easy way.

For example, when you want to change the screen brightness while watching a video, just swipe up or down on the screen.

Swipe up to increase the brightness, while if you want to reduce the brightness, just swipe down. In addition to these features and advantages, there are many more that you should know.

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  • MX Player Screenshot
  • MX Player Screenshot
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  • MX Player Screenshot
  • MX Player Screenshot
  • MX Player Screenshot

MX Player Pro Apk Features

For information, currently there is also a modified version with exactly the same features as the pro version. This version is known as the MX player mod apk which can be obtained for free.

It’s said to be the same in terms of features, the difference is that you don’t need to buy if you use the modified version. The price tag is around 77,000 rupiah according to the price listed on the Playstore.

Subtitle Support

Download foreign films but not proficient in foreign languages? Relax, the first feature you can enjoy when using MX player pro apk is subtitles.

If the movie you downloaded doesn’t have subtitles, there is a browse feature where the function is to find subtitles automatically.

Not only that, you can also adjust the speed of the sub and its position. If the bottom doesn’t fit, please move it up.

Color and size can also be changed, besides the speed of running subtitles. In essence, you can modify the language used for the foreign film.

Multi Core Decoding

Besides being used for video format codecs, this feature is also used to improve video quality.

Until now, the only application that uses Multi Core Decoding technology is MX player pro.

The free version also cannot enjoy this feature. Being one of the superior features because the video that is played is of higher quality, even though the quality is actually low.

Video Streaming

Besides being used to play videos, MX player pro apk can also be used for streaming. Both the free and pro versions, you can take advantage of this feature.

There is a browser facility provided, so you just have to open it and look for the streaming video you want to enjoy. Adana’s automatic link feature makes it easy for those who want to use it.

Color Modification

Another feature available is the color mod with its function to adjust the color as desired.

For those who get bored quickly, this feature is definitely useful. Moreover, you can also choose several themes provided, both light and dark.


This time, you can get the free or pro version, which is the zoom feature with the main function being to enlarge the video size.

You can zoom in to enlarge the video, or also zoom out to shrink.


If this one is sure not to be missed for the pro or premium version of the application. With MX player pro apk, the videos you watch are guaranteed to be free from ad distractions.

This is very important where the distraction usually results in no longer having an appetite for video entertainment.

Kids Lock

The Kids Lock feature is one of the highlights of this application that is used by more than 1 million users. Its main function is to lock the application while it is running.

If you watch a video and then activate this feature, any buttons you press will not work.

Besides being safe from children’s distractions, this feature is also useful for those of you who are actively moving.

MX Player Pro Latest Apk Download

Interested in all the MX player pro features mentioned above? who is not tempted right?

Therefore, please download the file first before installing it on the device.

Actually you can directly download and install the application through the Playstore, but we also provide it to make it easier.

Make sure your device memory is sufficient because this application is a decent size, around 22MB.

APK Name MX Player Pro Apk
Version Varies
Size 22MB
Developer MX Media

How To Install MX Player Pro MOD APK

For those of you who download the application file via the link above, or use a modified version, it means that the installation steps are also different.

Make sure it is not the same as when you install the MX Player application through the Playstore. However, the steps are also not too complicated if you follow how to install the following MX Player Pro MOD Apk!

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Select advanced settings.
  3. Go to the security and privacy menu.
  4. Check the unknown source section.
  5. Open the file manager.
  6. Find the apk file that was downloaded from the link above.
  7. Press the file and click install on the notification that appears.


That’s an interesting discussion about MX player pro apk. If you are still not sure about the advantages provided, please use the free version first.

Download Links:

MX_Player_Pro-v1.46.10_build_1310001620-AC3-DTS-NEON-Mod-armeabi-v7a_UserUpload.Net.apk – 28.5 MB

MX_Player_Pro-v1.46.10_build_1330001620-AC3-DTS-NEON-Mod-arm64-v8a_UserUpload.Net.apk – 28.6 MB

MX_Player_Pro-v1.46.10_build_1370001620-AC3-DTS-Mod-x86_UserUpload.Net.apk – 29.2 MB

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