Netflix Launched 5 New Android Games

Netflix Launched 5 New Android Games

After a limited trial, Netflix finally officially launched a mobile gaming service Exclusively named “Netflix Games”globally.

In this initial launch stage, the Netflix mobile game service can only be played by users who use phones or tablets based on the Android operating system only.

Meanwhile, iOS (iPhone) smartphone users must be patient longer until it is released on the platform. This was revealed by Netflix via a tweet on the account with the handle @NetflixGeeked.

“Netflix Games will start rolling out on the Netflix mobile app. First on Android, followed by iOS,” tweeted @NetflixGeeked.

In the same tweet, Netflix revealed that the new Netflix Games service is coming for free.

In other words, users who subscribe to Netflix can also enjoy this game service at no additional cost. They can enjoy game content along with a range of available movie and TV series titles.

This Netflix game service will also not include ads or in-game transaction systems (in-app purchase game).

“It’s still in its early stages, but we’re excited to start bringing you exclusive games, with no ads, no extra costs, and no in-app purchases,” the tweet continued.

Netflix Games will be available on the Netflix mobile application specifically for paid users worldwide, starting today, Wednesday (3/11/2021).

Netflix Games service is not yet present in Netflix app version 8.6.1 build 14 40054 on our Android phones.

This is fairly reasonable, because usually new features will be released in stages and it will take several days to be accessible to all global users.

5 game titles

Later, this Netflix mobile game service will be present in a special tab “Games” in the Netflix application on mobile phones.

In the Games tab, there will be five game titles that can be played by Netflix users. The five game titles are:

  • Stranger Things: 1984
  • Stranger Things 3
  • Basketball Shooting Hoops
  • Playing card joker Card Blast
  • Billiards Teeter Up

The five game titles will also appear in the “All mobile games” line on the Netflix application’s home page.

TechCrunch Users can access five game titles on the Games tab within the Netflix app on the phone.

To be able to play it, users only need to click on the title of the game they want to play. Later, users will be directed to download the game title on the Google Play Store, such as downloadingdownload Android applications in general.

Once downloaded, the Netflix game title will provide the “Play” option.

Now to be able to enter and play games, users must access their Netflix profile. This is because, Netflix Games is only intended for paid users or those who subscribe.

Furthermore, users can access five Netflix game titles directly from within the Netflix application, or it can also be from the user’s Android phone screen, as compiled KompasTekno from TechCrunch, Wednesday (11/3/2021).

Will it be available on Xbox to smartTV?

Before officially coming, Netflix plans to expand to the service gaming been detected since last July.

In a Q2-2021 earnings report published on the official website in July, Netflix confirmed that the company will include games in its subscribers’ subscription plans. For the initial stage, Netflix will focus on the mobile platform only.

Company officials do not deny that this game service will also be available on platforms that support Netflix, such as Xbox, Playstation, computers to smart TVs, as compiled from Cnet.

However, there is no further information about the presence of Netflix Games outside the mobile platform. What is clear, Netflix confirms that the company is in the early stages of expanding into gaming services.

“With nearly a decade of us pushing original programming (films and series), we thought it was a great time to learn more about how our members value gaming,” Netflix wrote.

Prior to releasing the Netflix Games service, Netflix had previously produced interactive games and series as well.

For games, Netflix has produced games adapted from popular series Stranger Things, that is Stranger Things mobile game and Stranger Things 3: The Game.

Then, Netflix also released interactive films a few years ago, one of which was in the series Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. In the film, the audience is invited to determine the plot of the story by choosing the available options.

Regarding the expansion into this gaming service, Netflix itself has taken a number of ways to help make it happen. For example, the company hired Mike Verdu, who had worked as vice president of game development at gaming company Electronic Arts (EA).

Netflix is ​​also rumored to have struck a deal with Bridgerton series producer Shonda Rhimes to include the game, as compiled from the BBC.

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