Netflix Ready to Expand into Video Games

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After huge success with movies and TV series, Netflix ready for a major expansion. They plan to enter the grand stage of video games.

As quoted by detikINET from Screenrant, Thursday (15/7/2021), one of the largest online streaming platforms, has appointed former Electronic Arts (EA) and Facebook executive, Mike Verdu, as VP of game development at Netflix.

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Verdu previously worked as someone who builds partnerships with developers, and brings the games they develop to Oculus VR headsets. Although it is not known for sure, how Netflix will present the gaming experience to fans.

However, there are two possibilities that will happen. The first assumption is that Netflix will do in-house game development like Google and Amazon, or do they plan to outsource work to bigger developers and use streaming technology as a new feature.

According to one person who did not wish to be named, Netflix itself is ready to compete by offering video games on its streaming platform next year. The rates charged will be different from the current movie streaming.

The reason may be that it is considered the latest program. The good news is, at this time, the streaming platform is not planning to charge any additional fees.

When reviewing the popularity of Netflix, through a report compiled by Bloomberg, the company’s own shares have increased. It can be seen from the 3.3 percent increase to USD 566 or around Rp. 82 million.

The big program that Netflix does, becomes more value in the eyes of fans. This is because they offer something different from their rivals, such as Disney+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

In theory, maybe Netflix can really compete with Google, Amazon, and even Xbox’s xCloud. However, in practice, it will be quite difficult to shift the interest of gamers, because like Xbox itself, already has a large number of active communities and fans.

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