New Apple patent talks about easy way to extend battery life

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Every year we are promised to release new technologies that will significantly extend the battery life, and therefore the operation of the devices themselves. So far, this has not happened. However, a new Apple patent describes a simple way to make devices last longer.


The invention is a bit ironic because it solves a problem that Apple itself created in 2015 with the 12-inch MacBook battery. Later, the same technology was used for the rest of the laptop line.

For the 12-inch MacBook, the company did not use a rectangular battery, but a re-shaped battery to save space. Then Apple called its idea advanced technology, because thanks to it, the battery could fill up all the empty space in the device.

However, this approach also led to the emergence of problems.

Lithium polymer batteries are often used as rectangular batteries for laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. They contain electrodes and electrolytes in an aluminum-lined compartment. Batteries with these compartments can be used to save space inside the device. The edges of these batteries often need to be insulated. Because of this, the battery must be smaller than all the available empty space, so it is still wasted. In some devices, every millimeter of white space is important.

Now Apple proposes to use the standard rectangular shape for batteries, and make the compartments in a metal case.

Thanks to the metal coating, the battery can be placed close to other parts, so that all the free space is used. In addition, the metal coating will allow you to connect various parts to the battery without additional elements.

It turns out to be the perfect compromise.

In theory, the battery capacity can be increased without making the MacBook thicker. However, Apple is more likely to keep the same capacity, but make laptops even thinner.

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