New details about Telegram Premium. What will you have to pay for?

New details about the future paid Telegram Premium subscription have appeared on the network. The information was shared by the profile channel Telegram Info.

According to the source, in addition to the three benefits listed above, subscribers of the premium tariff in the messenger can receive the following bonuses:

    • More chats per folder (200 instead of 100)


    • More folders themselves (20 instead of 10)


    • Increased limit for channels and supergroups (1000 instead of 500)


    • More pinned chats in feed (10 instead of 5)


    • More pinned chats in folders (200 instead of 100)


    • More public links for own channels and supergroups (20 instead of 10)


    • More stickers can be marked as favorites (10 instead of 5).


It turns out that the Premium subscription can exactly double the various current limits in Telegram. The source notes that the list of “premium goodies” may be replenished in the future, as Telegram developers continue to experiment.

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