New Honor phones will come with Google Apps

Rumor Huawei P50 Will Release April 17 2021.jpg

Last November, Huawei sold the Honor sub-brand to a consortium of companies for $ 15.2 billion. The reason why Huawei ditched Honor makes perfect sense. As long as Honor is owned by Huawei, it is subject to the same US-imposed restrictions, with restrictions on the use of hardware and software manufactured by US companies.

Without a license, Honor cannot use Google’s version of Android mobile services, nor can it ship state-of-the-art chips made by companies using American technology. The only way Honor can circumvent this restriction is to separate from Huawei, which is what happened.

Rumor Huawei P50 Will Release April 17 2021.jpg

Now that Honor is an independent company, its new phones, starting with the Honor 50 series, will feature Google’s mobile apps and services. The company announced this on Twitter via XDA and responded to inquiries about Google’s mobile services (GMS) confirming the use of the latter.

The upcoming Honor 50 series will be the manufacturer’s first to enter the AGM since Huawei was first placed on the entity list by the US in May 2019. Honor also mentioned that the next unit will continue to use the interface. Magic user experience, although some new features will. be added to the user interface.

In addition to Google, Honor has also rebooted partnerships with US companies such as Qualcomm and Intel. For example, the Honor 50 series will be powered by the Snapdragon 778G chipset.

There will be three different models in the Honor 50 series, each with an AMOLED screen and a 120Hz refresh rate that updates the screen 120 times per second. The phone will come with a triple rear camera setup and two front cameras for selfies.


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