New Instagram Features, Stickers to Add Links in Stories

New Instagram Features, Stickers to Add Links in Stories

Instagram will provide a sticker feature on Stories so users can share link with other users.

Currently, this feature is still under testing, so it cannot be used by all users.

In addition, with this sticker, other users can also provide feedback, for example by commenting via private messages (direct messages). Because, this cannot be done on the Instagram Stories swipe-up feature.

New Instagram Features, Stickers to Add Links in Stories

Head of Product Instagram Vishal Shah said the feature is currently still in the testing stage. This is because the social media service still wants to pay attention to how this feature can benefit users.

“This feature is a new feature that we want to launch … if this (testing) is successful,” he explained to The Verge.

Currently Instagram is making sure that this feature can work properly. However, it is not clear whether this feature will be rolled out to all users or only those with swipe-up privileges.

Currently, Instagram is keeping an eye on the types of links being shared. Because, they want to avoid embedded links that will spread misinformation or spam.

According to Shah, another reason for embedding a link via Sticker is because this method fits the habits that are currently popular among users.

However, currently this link sticker will only be applied to Stories only. Shah said there are no plans to add a link feature to the feed or other parts of the app.

Previously, Instagram users had only limited ways to share links with users. The link can only be shared via the description in the bio or in Stories by swiping up.

If the user tries to share the link via image caption. The link will just be plain unclickable text, as written Uber Gizmo.

However, this swipe-up feature is also limited to only verified users with a minimum number of 10 thousand followers.