New WhatsApp Pink Malware is affecting Smartphones

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WhatsApp users should be on the lookout for new malware designed to steal personal data and information. The scam is characterized as an update to the instant messaging platform, called “WhatsApp Pink”, which allows the user to change the theme of the tool from green to pink.

Because it is disguised as a new version, the coup manages to reach more victims each day. The link is circulating between the accounts of the tool and, if the user accesses this address, the cell phone may be hacked and the WhatsApp account blocked, for example.

Whatsapp New Feature Promises To Speed Up Voice Messages.png

The company issued a note to try to alert its users to the new threat. The text was published on the HackRead website and warns that “anyone can receive an unusual or suspicious message”, given the care in accessing randomly sent links.

According to Rajshekhar Rajaharia, a cybersecurity expert and one of those involved in the discovery of malware, users should be aware. “Watch out for WhatsApp Pink! A virus is being spread in WhatsApp groups with a link to download an APK, ”he said.

For clarification, the APK (Android Package) files are related to the Android system and can be compared to the installation conditions of the Windows software, for example.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to usurping user accounts, the threatening link, WhatsApp Pink, can bring a series of viruses that lock the victim’s cell phone.

WhatsApp provides 14 functions to facilitate the use of the platform

WhatsApp provides some functions that can facilitate the daily lives of users. Some of them are better known, others less so. Check below, the 14 WhatsApp functions still unknown to some users.

1 – Make video calls from the desktop

Recently, the instant messaging platform launched the option of audio and video calls in the Web version of WhatsApp. The measure was released given the growing access of this function at the time of the pandemic.

2 – Write messages in bold, italic, or strikethrough

WhatsApp makes it possible to write messages with different text characteristics. To write in bold, use * *; to write in italics, use _ _ e; to write crossed out, use ~~.

3 – No audio confirmation

Now, other users will not know if the audio has been heard. The service in which the microphone remains gray is only available for iOS systems.

5 – Upload videos without audio

The platform also allows users to upload videos without audio. The function mutes the recording when it was made in a noisy place, for example.

4 – Send a message to all contacts

There is no need to use message sharing mechanisms, such as copy and paste or forward. WhatsApp allows the user to create a room with up to 250 contacts and send messages to everyone simultaneously.

6 – Silence groups forever

Updating the application makes it possible to silence groups forever. The function allows group notifications to be silenced indefinitely.

7 – Delete messages automatically

The feature must be enabled in each conversation individually and automatically deletes messages within 7 days. With this function, conversation media such as audios, photos, and videos are also excluded.

8 – Change the color of the WhatsApp notifications light

Android users, can enable a light with a specific color when receiving a notification from WhatsApp. This way, the user will know what the notification is about even without opening the mobile screen. Just go to Settings> Notifications> Light.

9 – Search stickers

During a conversation, it is possible to get a sticker to answer the contact. Just search for stickers using keywords. Also, it is possible to create categories to facilitate the search for stickers.

10 – Send the message with or without the enter button

There is the possibility to enable the enter button to send messages immediately. However, it is also possible to use the button to skip a line in the message.

11 – Adjust video size

In video calls with many people, it is possible to fix a contact to occupy most of the window screens. To do this, press the window of the desired person for a few seconds, to disable, just press again.

12 –Back up to free up cell phone space

The platform allows you to back up conversations, both to free up cell phone space and to change handsets. This option saves conversations and can be released on other devices. To back up, just go to Settings> Conversations> Conversation Backup.

13 – Select who can add you to groups

This option allows you to choose who can add you in groups. To do this, go to the WhatsApp settings and tap on “Account”. Then open the option “Privacy” and then “Groups”. Finally, select “My contacts, except…” and indicate the contacts who cannot add you to groups.

14 – Save mobile data

Saving mobile data with WhatsApp is only possible for iOS users. This function prevents media that needs a lot of internet from being downloaded. To activate it, click on “Settings”, then “Cellular”, then “Cellular Data Options” and finally, activate the key next to “Data Saving Mode”.


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