Next week, HarmonyOS debuts for smartphone devices

Next week, HarmonyOS debuts for smartphone devices

Through China’s Weibo page on Monday, (25/4/2021), Huawei has confirmed that they will officially announce HarmonyOS 2.0 on June 2, 2021 in China.

HarmonyOS, which will be released next week, is reportedly aimed at smartphone and tablet devices in an effort to compete with the Android OS developed by Google. Previously, HarmonyOS was available for IoT and TV devices.

Next week, HarmonyOS debuts for smartphone devices

Just to remind, in early 2019, Huawei claimed to be the largest smartphone manufacturer by the end of the year. In fact, in May 2019, the US government added Huawei along with other Chinese companies to the Entity List, which means preventing any of the listed companies from partnering with US-based companies, including Google.

Moving on from that, Huawei had to launch a device without Google Mobile Services (GMS), which had a huge impact on its business. Therefore, in August 2019, Huawei announced HarmonyOS 1.0 as an alternative to Android OS at the Huawei Developer Conference.

Like Android, Harmony OS is a Linux-based open source project. Early in 2021 yesterday, Ars Technica reported that the beta version of HarmonyOS is similar to the Android 10 OS. So, there is a possibility that the general version of HarmonyOS 2.0 may present an experience similar to the current Android version.

At the recently held Huawei China Ecological Conference 2021, Huawei’s rotating chair said that HarmonyOS is a distributed operating system that is wholly owned by Huawei, which is primarily designed to reduce its dependence on Android and provide more capabilities and platform support than the mobile operating system that is currently available. there is.

He also said that Huawei is targeting to install HarmonyOS on 200 million Huawei devices and 100 million devices from third-party manufacturers this year.

Regarding the upcoming June 2 launch event, Huawei is speculating to announce several other devices such as the Huawei MatePad Pro 2 and the Watch 3 series. We’ll see.


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