No, Clubhouse is not on Android even though there are dozens of apps in the Play Store that look like the real thing

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Clubhouse has been the fashion social network during the month of January, a bet on the audio available in App Store. The social network application is not available on Android, but clones and junk apps have not been slow to come out to try and capture some of the Clubhouse traction.

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That’s enough a simple search on the Google Play Store to verify that dozens of applications with this name have emerged, and even with the same icon of the original app, to make users think that it is the genuine one. These clone apps once again reveal the lack of control in the Google app store and, as you might guess, none of them fulfill the purpose of the original.

The old clone app guide trick

Tg Image 169837399These apps are nothing more than ‘guides’. Badly designed apps and soon with texts that speak of Clubhouse apk, some do not even have an icon programmed.

Clubhouse has been one of the phenomena so far this year, to such an extent that Facebook is working on a copy, according to rumors. The application of this new social network was launched in the App Store and is not available for Android, although it does not stop having searches in the Play Store.

Publish ‘guides’ under the same name and cover of the original app, a recurring play in the Play Store to scratch downloads

As every time a phenomenon of this type arises, the Google application store has been filled with ‘guides’, applications of dubious utility that try to accumulate downloads copying both the name and the icon of the original application. These applications have nothing to do with Clubhouse or its functions: some of them only show texts summarizing the operation of the app, others, when installed, they are so poorly developed that they don’t even have an icon.

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Basically they are padding designed to accumulate downloads using ‘guides’ that are allowed in the Play Store. Unfortunately for the user, playing confuse with the guides is not something new, and we recently saw similar cases with the popular case of ‘Among Us’.

Tg Image 3017573702When ‘Among US’ blew up, the Play Store was also filled with guides.

When opening these apps we find user interfaces not worked at all, untranslated texts into different languages, a lot of ads and very little utility. None of them is more useful, in some cases even asking for storage permissions to load images on our mobile.

Clones ClubhousePoorly designed apps that abuse ads (and in some cases permissions) and that only show text about Clubhouse.

Apart from these applications, it deserves special mention Clubhouse, an application of Projects management It had been on Android since 2017 and to which negative comments and evaluations are raining, as users confuse it with the Audio Clubhouse.

What do we know about Clubhouse apk for Android

Clubhouse is not available on Android, nor is there an approximate date for your arrival. However, it is practically confirmed that it will end up reaching the Google operating system.

The Clubhouse co-founder has stated that the Android version is “a priority”, although details on arrival dates are not given.

clubhousePaul Davidson, co-founder of Clubhouse, has already put on the table that Clubhouse’s Android version “is a priority”. This is why everything indicates that, sooner or later, the social network will end up reaching the Google operating system.

Both with Clubhouse and with any app that is not officially in the Play Store, We recommend never downloading any type of copy, guide or modification of it since, even downloading it from the Play Store, they may not be honest and safe applications.

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