Now iPhone can be hacked with a charging cable

Now iPhone can be hacked with a charging cable

A well-known foreign hacker with the nickname MG has presented his new version of the Trojan cable for the iPhone. This was reported by with reference to MG itself.

The device looks like the most common original (or fake) Lightning cable for charging or connecting peripherals. It is noted that it perfectly fulfills its usual purpose – for example, you can use it to connect an Apple keyboard to a Mac computer. However, inside one of its plugs is a Trojan chip. Users have already dubbed these cords OMG Cables.

MG has built a special modified chip in the Lightning plug, equipped with a Wi-Fi module. It allows a hacker to remotely connect to the cable and perform various actions. For example, a specialist can simulate the connection of any peripheral devices for the iPhone, change the keyboard layout, and forge the ID data of various USB devices.


The nuance is that in order to work with OMG Cable, a hacker will need to be in relative proximity. However, the range is quite large – the journalists were able to communicate with the module in the cable at a distance of one mile (about 1.6 km).

The installation of a modified chip did not affect the appearance of the cable in any way – it is still visually indistinguishable from the usual original Lightning. In the latest version, OMG Cables also received a Lightning – USB-C variant, as well as a full-fledged USB-C – USB-C for working with Android devices. In the photo – OMG-cable next to the usual one.


The creator of this tool is an anonymous cybersecurity researcher. He first unveiled his iPhone hack cable at a 2019 hacker conference. Then he said that he had successfully launched his product into mass production. MG then partnered with cybersecurity vendor Hak5 to sell its cables.

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