Now WhatsApp Chats Can Be Transferred From iOS to Samsung Android devices

Now WhatsApp Chats Can Be Transferred From iOS to Samsung Android devices

WhatsApp Developers reported that the messenger now supports the transfer of chats from iOS to Android. Currently, you can only port correspondence from an iPhone to a Samsung smartphone and nothing else.

The transfer of chats is not implemented via the cloud, but a local connection. On the one hand, it is much safer, because the user has complete control over the process, and the correspondence is not transferred to a third-party server. On the other hand, this is much more complicated than in other messengers, where correspondence is simply synchronized between all user’s devices, regardless of the platform.

To transfer chats, you need a cable that connects the iPhone to an Android smartphone (Lightning -> USB Type-C or Lightning -> micro USB). IPhone must have WhatsApp version or higher, and Android smartphone or higher. You will also need to install Smart Switch version or newer on your Android smartphone.


In the Smart Switch app, you need to start the data transfer process. It will show a QR code that needs to be scanned with an iPhone. Depending on the number and volume of chats, porting may take several minutes or a little more. Important – you need to log in to WhatsApp on different smartphones with the same phone number. Another serious limitation is that you can transfer chats only during the initial setup of the smartphone, that is, if you have already configured it and use it for some time, porting will be impossible (but you can reset the smartphone to the factory settings, and then everything will work out).

Later this year, the developers of WhatsApp plan to implement the transfer of chats from a Samsung smartphone to an iPhone, and in the future there will be support for devices from other manufacturers.

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