NVIDIA CANVAS Software uses AI to turn primitive drawings into realistic graphic masterpieces

NVIDIA has launched a beta version of the canvas graphics editor. It turns any even the most primitive drawing or sketch into a beautiful realistic painting.

Canvas is powered by a neural network trained using the DGX-1 supercomputer on five million images. This editor was the logical development of the GauGAN tool, which received an award at the SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference. Calculations to create a drawing are performed not in the cloud, but on the user’s computer.


Canvas provides a choice of 15 source materials for the drawing, including water, clouds, trees, stones, etc. The user needs to place them on the canvas at his own discretion. Then you can apply one of nine filters that affect the final result and change the style of the picture. The result is a realistic picture, as if created by an experienced professional artist. The picture can be imported into a PSD file for further work with it in various editors, including Adobe Photoshop.

YouTube video

Canvas only works on a relatively powerful computers.

Minimum requirements to run Nvidia Canvus:

Windows 10 operating system. GeForce RTX, NVIDIA RTX, Quadro RTX, or Titan RTX family graphics card with driver version 460.89 or higher.