OldOS is an iOS 4 emulator

OldOS is an iOS 4 emulator

Enthusiasts have created an emulator for iOS 4 – it is called OldOS and very accurately copies the interface and capabilities of the operating system released by Apple ten years ago.

Enthusiasts have faithfully recreated the design of iOS 4 and all built-in applications, including cameras, maps, iTunes and iPod. You can also examine the system settings (but this does not affect anything), change the desktop background, and perform some other actions.


OldOS works like a regular application on top of the current version of iOS, so full-fledged work with the emulator is impossible, because applications do not have access to system functions and settings. Nevertheless, with the help of this emulator, you can feel nostalgic and remember what iOS was like ten years ago – a kind of interactive journey into the past. The application is written in Swift.

You can not hope for the appearance of OldOS in the App Store, Apple will not allow this application due to the copying of the design of its products. You can download this emulator from the sites Test flight and AirPort, where there are much less strict moderation rules, and the source code of the project is posted on GitHub.


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