One in six Russians are victim of call center scam

One in six Russians are victim of call center scam

Every sixth Russian has suffered from the actions of telephone scammers. This is reported by RBC with reference to the survey.

According to the source, the SuperJob company conducted a survey among Russians of different ages and different employment, living in several regions of the country. The collected statistics make you think.

For example, one in eight Russians (13%) reported receiving suspicious or outright fraudulent calls every day. Every fifth – 20% of the respondents – complained about the weekly “divorce” calls. Such activity of fraudsters is not accidental – it turned out that every sixth Russian (16% of respondents) lost money or property as a result of fraud. If we assume that this statistic is correct throughout the country, then it turns out that about 23 million Russians have become victims of telephone scams (based on the country’s population of 145,886,825 as of September 13, 2021). Moreover, about 5% of all survey participants admitted that they were “divorced” more than once.

SuperJob shared other data as well. Thus, fraudulent schemes are more likely to be successful when interacting with female victims – they work in 16% (versus 14% in the case of men). Moreover, people with an income above the average, as well as those who are over 45 years old, most often complain about fraudulent calls – all this may indicate that the criminals do not choose victim numbers by chance, but using personal databases.

I would like to highlight a separate nuance: although people with high incomes are most often complaining about “wrench” calls, it is precisely those who earn less who are “led” to deception. Perhaps people with low incomes are more receptive to suggestions to somehow save money in everyday tasks, or to protect their funds, which are supposedly in danger.

16% of survey participants reported that scammers call them a couple of times a year, and 12% have never received suspicious calls at all.

Earlier, we talked about the scheme used by shameless sellers in popular electronics stores.

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