One4KLWP Ultimate – Kustom Live Wallpapers Patched Apk v2.0

⚠ One4KLWP Ultimate is not a stand alone app! ⚠ It requires Kustom’s KLWP and KLWP PRO app (paid app)! It won’t work without KLWP PRO!

One4KLWP Ultimate is a free app that contains in app purchase, so you can enjoy free presets and also buy only the presets you want to use 👍

So far, inside the One4KLWP Ultimate app you will find 4 free and 8 paid presets.

Please keep in mind that all the presets are made for 19:9 screen ratio (made on Note 10+) but they should work on other ratios too. After you buy preset (pressing on shopping cart button) you need to press refresh button on top of the page so you can see the apply button, in order to be able to apply the preset. Also, download button won’t work if you have Lucky patcher, Aptoide or similar app installed! Please report if you have problems and we will fix them ASAP!

YouTube videos of our presets in action

Screenshots of our presets

What you need:

1. KLWP and KLWP PRO apps installed
KLWP free link:
KLWP Pro link:

2. Custom launcher like Nova launcher (recommended) or similar – Hide Dock & Hide Status bar for a cleaner look

Download Links:

One4KLWP_Ultimate_v2.0_P.apk – 50.4 MB | Mirror

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