Owners of old Tesla models will receive one million rubles each.

Owners of old Tesla models will receive one million rubles each.

Norwegian court considered a class action lawsuit in which the plaintiffs demanded compensation from Tesla for deliberately reducing the functionality of older car models. The decision was made in his favor.

As the court found, Tesla has remotely reduced the charging speed and the amount of electricity supplied to the batteries of some car models of its production. This was done with the help of the updated software, and the car owners could not influence the installation of the update in any way; it is impossible to reject the update and it is impossible to maintain the previous load level.

Owners of old Tesla models will receive one million rubles each.

Cars began to charge more slowly and a decrease in battery capacity led to a decrease in range and, as a result, range. Attorneys for Tesla said the company took that step for the sake of safety, as batteries degrade over time and there is a risk of damage when charged with high current to the maximum level.

The court found that Tesla incorrectly reduced the charging speed and range of vehicles that were discontinued in 2016 to encourage their owners to buy new models. The company will have to pay the victims a total of about $ 160 million. This amount will be divided into 10 thousand people, that is, each of them will receive about 16 thousand dollars (about 1,176,000 rubles at the current exchange rate).

As you may recall, Apple was in more or less the same situation. It secretly reduced the performance of older smartphones based on battery deterioration. Users did not like this, they sued and sued for compensation. As a result, Apple allowed users to change out-of-warranty batteries at a discounted price, as well as to choose through iOS settings whether the operating system could degrade performance if the battery degraded or the smartphone’s processor. it could operate at the same speed at the expense of stability and autonomy.


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