Panda Gamepad Pro Mod Apk (Patched/Unlocked/Full License) Overview:

Name Panda Gamepad Pro Mod Apk v1.4.8 BETA (Patched/Unlocked/Full License)
Category Mod Apk
Version Latest
Size 8.2M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Update Latest

Panda Gamepad Pro is a gamepad keymapper application for Android. It works with all type of Game Controllers.

Panda Gamepad Pro Info:

If you don’t have a gaming console don’t worry. Now you can transform your Android phone into a gaming console like Nintendo Switch. Install Panda Gamepad Pro & connect your gamepad with you phone. Now you can customise buttons & keys of your gamepad virtually.  Youcan play popular games like PUBG Mobile,Call Of Duty Mobile, Freefire , League of legends etc  like a Pro in your Android phone using gamepad. Panda Gamepad Pro is fast,fluid & very convenient for heavy gameplay.

Panda Gamepad Pro unique features:

1. You can play your favourite Android games directly without cloning it.
2. Panda Gamepad Pro supports Google Play Games login. You can save your gameplay progress easily.
3. There’s no risk of getting banned by some games for using Panda Gamepad Pro

Panda Gamepad Pro Requirements:

Panda Gamepad Pro is a gamepad remapper application. So it won’t support keyboard , mouse or other peripherals. To activate Panda Gamepad Pro you need either Root or a PC. After activation you can plug out your phone from PC & enjoy full features.  This app is still in beta stage so you may have to face some Lagging and performance issue. Panda Gamepad Pro supports all type of gamepads. Majority of apps and games can be played without compromising with full performance except few heavy games. Gamepad calibrator feature is also included , so if you face any abnormalities you can fix it easily.

How To Download And Install Panda Gamepad Pro Mod Apk :

Go to the download section & click on the download button. After installing you need to use Lucky Patcher to activate Panda Gamepad Pro on your rooted phone.

Panda Gamepad Pro Mod Apk (Patched/Unlocked/Full License)

Requirements – Root + Lucky Patcher + Modded Google Play Store



Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA) v1.4.8Mirror


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