Periscope app removed from App Store

Periscope app removed from App Store

The popular video streaming app Periscope has stopped working. On April 1, the app closed and was removed from the App Store and Google Play.


Twitter announced it was shutting down the app back in December last year. Now it has officially stopped working.

It’s all. Our final goodbye Today the Periscope app is on its last day. We are grateful to all the creators and viewers who have made the Periscope community brighter. Hope to see you all on Twitter.

The Periscope app appeared in 2014, and in 2015 it was bought by Twitter before it went public. The app was one of the most popular smartphone streaming services. On Twitter, the broadcast function will remain.

After purchasing Periscope, most of the platform’s functions were integrated into Twitter, namely the Twitter Live function. It will remain in the application. Twitter will also feature online voice chat rooms soon.

The Periscope site with an archive of all content will remain in the public domain. It also allows you to download your videos from Periscope. The Periscope mobile app no ​​longer works.