Pixel Slide for KLWP (Kustom Theme) 1.1 Latest APK Free Download

Pixel Slide for KLWP (Kustom Theme) 1.1 Latest APK Free Download

📥 What you need:
Kustom Live Wallpaper
Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro Key
– Compatible launcher (Nova Launcher recommended)

🤳 Setup:
– Nova needs blank 5 pages before applying this preset. If anything is out of place or animations don’t look right – open Kustom and click the save icon to reapply the preset. This is a bug with how KLWP handles multi-page animations. Re-applying the theme should correct this.

Please ensure you have wallpaper scrolling enabled in your launcher.

– Open Kustom and load the theme.
– On the GLOBALS tab change the titleTxt global to whatever you want.
– Change the yourName global to… You guessed it.
– Choose a profile image with the avatar global.
– Change the feedURL to an RSS feed URL of your choice.
– Change the dst (dock search text) global to string of your choice.

– If you wish, you can continue to modify the globals for your status bar (sbar) and you navigation bar (nbar) – but these can be modified from the theme itself in the settings menu*

* To access the settings menu, click the three dots at the top right and select settings from the dropdown menu that appears.

Additional Notes:

💙 Supports all aspect ratios and will automatically adjust to fit your device.

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