PlayStation 5 New Firmware Update Increases Frame Rates in Some Games

PlayStation 5 New Firmware Update Increases Frame Rates in Some Games

Sony released a firmware update for the PlayStation 5 which adds a number of new features, such as SSD extension support and more. However, it turns out that Sony’s official update log does not provide information about all the updates that are presented.

According to a report, this version update also improves the performance of the PS5. Later, this update increased the frame rate of a number of game titles, such as “Control” and “Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition”.

According to the report, the frame rate in Control and Devil May Cry 5 has increased from 3% to 5%.

This update was accidentally discovered by some of the game company’s technical directors. They compared the performance of the new and old PlayStation5 and found that the old PS5 performed better.

However, they later discovered the reason for this difference. Their old PS5 is running the latest beta firmware version. This makes the PS5 perform better, although it’s a minor improvement.

Currently, the beta firmware has been integrated into the latest software update. Thus, the PS5 operating performance of each model is exactly the same.

While this is only a minor difference, it’s interesting that Sony is willing to adjust the performance of the PlayStation 5. However, exactly how Sony does this is still unknown, maybe just a driver update.

The latest PlayStation 5 firmware adds new features, such as M.2 SSD storage expansion, 3D sound effects with built-in speakers, and various UX adjustments.

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