PlayStation Now will have 1080p streaming quality

PlayStation Now will have 1080p streaming quality

Sony is rumored to be releasing graphics quality and 1080p streaming soon on the PlayStation Now service.

As quoted by The Verge, previously new users could play games on the PlayStation Now service only at 720p resolution. They are quite behind when compared to other game streaming services.

PlayStation Now will have 1080p streaming quality

Stadia, for example, gamers can stream games at up to 4K resolution. However, users must use a stable and fast internet connection to be able to stream at that resolution.

Lastly, Sony has also said that the service will only support games that can run at 1080p. Most likely, not all games in the PlayStation Now library can run at that resolution

As is known, PlayStation Now is a cloud-based gaming service from Sony which was released in 2015 and has nearly 700 PlayStation games from various generations.

Later, this 1080p quality will apply to all platforms that support PlayStation Now services such as PS4, PS5, and PC.

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Sony says that the launch will occur over the next few weeks across Europe, the US, Canada, and Japan. This is because this service is currently only available in certain areas.

But going forward, this 1080p quality will be launched for PlayStation Now service users in all countries, including Indonesia.


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