PREQUEL: Effects, Filters & Editing Mod Apk v1.24.0 (Unlocked/Premium)

Aesthetic video & photo editor with best presets: VHS, Disco, Miami and more.

Prequel is a photo and video editor with thUnlockede most aesthetic presets. It offers a handpicked selection of filters: VHS, Disco, Retro, Glitch, Instant and many more. Make your photos and videos stand out!


• Most beloved effects – VHS, Disco, Miami, Bling, Prism, Plastic
• Wide range of adjustment tools – make your preset unique!
• Huge collection of filters with pro-level color correction
• Create unique captivating videos


• Import any video
• Add any preset and transform your videos
• Create unique edits with rich collection of presets


• Easy and fast editing process that requires no special skills or add-ons
• Custom settings to to fine tune each filter
• Intuitive interface that is easy to master
• Mix an unlimited number of filters and tools to create your own unique custom presets
• Updates every week


• Unlimited editing possibilities
• Full effects & filters collections
• Advanced editing tools

Turn your most daring projects into reality!

Download Links:

PREQUEL_GOLD_v1.24.0.apk – 172.5 MB

PREQUEL_GOLD_v1.22.0.apk – 163.2 MB

PREQUEL_PRO_v1.20.0.apk – 161.7 MB

PREQUEL_PRO_v1.19.0.apk – 93.3 MB

PREQUEL_PRO_v1.17.0.apk – 93.2 MB

Prequel_v1.7.0_arm7.apk – 93.6 MB | Mirror

Prequel_v1.7.0_arm64.apk – 95.8 MB |  Mirror

Prequel_v1.5.3.apk – 75.7 MB | Mirror

PREQUEL+Full+1.5.2.apk – 63.9 MB |  Mirror