PS5 and Xbox Series Scarcity Will Continue Till 2023

PS5 and Xbox Series Scarcity Will Continue Till 2023

Those of you who want to buy a Playstation 5 (PS5) or Xbox series X are likely to have trouble until 2023. Toshiba revealed some information why this happened.

As is known, the problem of chip shortages makes it difficult to find re-stock for PS5 and Xbox series X products.

PS5 and Xbox Series Scarcity Will Continue Till 2023

According to Toshiba, the power control chip used by the console is and will continue to be in short supply in the future.

“Chip supplies will remain very tight until at least September next year,” Takeshi Kamebuchi, director in charge of semiconductors at one of Toshiba’s units, told Bloomberg.

“In some cases, maybe we will find some customers are not fully serviced until 2023,” he said.

For information, this is not only a problem with the Xbox Series X and PS5. But these shortcomings have an impact on electronics and other consumer cars, quoted from Tom’s Guide, Thursday (9/9/2021).

But console makers in particular have been hit hard, for which Kamebuchi has apologized to the industry.

“We consider which consumers face the most severe situations, such as the risk of an entire production line stalling or the business being lost without a supply of chips. Game console makers are among the strongest demands and I sincerely apologize for their frustration that none of them were satisfied. 100%,” he said.

According to reports, a number of console consumers have indicated they may have to change the circuit board design. This will reduce dependence on these components.

The console design has undergone several changes. The PS5 also recently underwent major surgery with the loss of 300 grams of the heatsink.

But Bloomberg says the power-regulating chip is a particularly difficult part to replace due to the role safety certification plays.

“Console makers can’t just go to the next semiconductor maker and ask for the same parts,” the report said. With this shortcoming it is likely to be so widespread and the fact that other parts may also be affected by the same.

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