PS5 games can now be converted to external hard disks

PS5 games can now be converted to external hard disks

Sony Recently announced a new feature that allows users to save games PlayStation 5 (PS5) On an external USB hard drive. All PS5 players can use this feature starting today, Wednesday (4/14/2021).

As announced XDA developer, Wednesday (4/14/2021), players actually cannot move games from external hard disks such as HDDs.

Since their initial release, they have been offered internal storage in the form of only an 825GB SSD.

With a built-in SSD, players cannot play or download PS5 games directly to an external hard drive.

PS5 games can now be converted to external hard disks

If the memory used is full of game titles, it must be erased first.

This new feature allows users to back up more PS5 games to another location without having to worry about deleting and re-downloading some games from the internal SSD memory.

Another update that Sony brings is Share Play across generations. Now, PS5 owners can invite their friends who support PS4 to join the game.

So, different console users of this generation can share screens to play together online using their respective controllers.

PS5 and PS4 users also get a ‘request to join’ option, which is a quick way to enter the game with their friends.

There are also some improvements to the PlayStation UI, where the chat feature between each other will be easier and faster than before.

PS5 players can customize their game library. There is also an option for a new UI to adjust screen zoom in the settings menu.

Additionally, this update brings early downloads for some of the previously downloaded game titles. Finally, there are visual changes to the trophy settings and the stats screen.

Sony also mentioned that PlayStation usage will be increased in the coming weeks. This will give better performance.

It is believed that the PS5 will bring several features such as the ability to join multiplayer sessions, manage PS5 console storage, compare file collections with friends, and sort or filter the products displayed on the PlayStation Store.


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