PS5 Pro Will Launch Next Year With Some Improvements

Sony is rumored to be launching the PlayStation 5 Pro (PS5 Pro). According to a report from the RedGamingTech Youtube channel, the PS5 Pro will be released next year, or late 2023 or early to mid 2024.

In a report on the RedGamingTec channel show, Paul Eccleston claims information from his source that the PS5 Pro is in development and has a number of performance improvements.

In addition, Sony is claimed to be bringing the 2.5x Ray Tracing feature on the PS5 Pro console, very suitable for playing the upcoming PlayStation VR 2 games.

Apart from the timing of the release, the report also reveals some performance improvements, such as double the speed in standard mode over the vanilla PlayStation 5 and 2.5 times the speed of active ray-tracing.

The PS5 Pro reportedly uses the 5nm TSMC processor that uses the Zen 4’s core and is designed specifically for high performance. Another source said, the new PS5 model will use TSMC’s 4nm processor instead of using the higher version.

At the moment, the PS5 Pro is just speculation and rumours, as no successor to the PS5 has actually been officially announced by Sony. However, the mid-gen console upgrade wouldn’t be the biggest surprise considering the PS4 Pro was a fairly successful launch for Sony in 2016, 3 years after the PS4’s launch.

This is also not the first unconfirmed report. Just earlier this month a collection of international shipping records discovered by TweakTown sparked speculation about PS5 Pro development.

Records show Sony Interactive Entertainment (the branch of Sony that handles the PlayStation), has shipped thousands of boxes of development kits to the US over the past few months.

Most of the shipments came from Japan and Korea, while another listing shows Sony exporting shipments labeled “video game console (prototype)” from the UK to the US last November.

It was the word “prototype” that caused the stir, with some speculating that the mysterious item might be a new iteration on the PS5, but everything seems open and this shipment actually contains the full prototype model. The public can also see something related to the PSVR 2 or even the original PS5.

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