PUBG Lite Will Be Officially Closed On April 29, 2021

PUBG Lite Will Be Officially Closed On April 29, 2021

Krafton game developer will discontinue PUBG Lite on April 29, 2021. This announcement was conveyed directly by the developer through his official blog.

PUBG Lite Will Be Officially Closed On April 29, 2021

“We are very grateful for the enthusiasm and support of the incredible number of PUBG Lite fans who have been with us. During the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope that PUBG Lite can provide a fun way for fans to stay safe, “said Krafton, in his official blog.

It further explains this difficult decision to close the service, after much deliberation and time has come to end the trip.

It is not yet known why Krafton closed the PUBG Lite game. However, since March 30, the games that can be downloaded on the site are no longer accessible.

Then on April 29th at 05.00 UTC, the developer will end PUBG Lite. Furthermore, there is May 29, 2021, player support will also be closed.

Before closing, Krafton still gave players the opportunity to use in-game credits as usual, including their L-Coin.

While PUBG Lite Facebook will remain open. Krafton will provide further notice of the access.

As is known PUBG lite has been present since two years ago. PUBG Mobile Lite is a light version and is aimed at low-end phones with RAM less than 2GB. While the application itself is only 400MB in size.

So it is not surprising that within three days, after being released, PUBG Mobile Lite has recorded download figures of more than 10 million times. This game also dominates the most popular application ladder on the Android app store, Google Play Store.

The PUBG Mobile Lite application has quickly become one of the most popular applications on the Google Play Store.

PUBG Mobile Lite managed to get attention by becoming the number one app on the Google Play Store, just three days after being released.

Not only that, Tencent, PUBG Mobile Lite can be downloaded millions of times in a short time due to the large number of low-end smartphone users in developing countries like India.

PUBG Mobile Lite has a smaller map than the original version, only 60 players and the game usually lasts about 10 minutes. The rest is almost the same apart from graphics optimization.