PUBG Mobile 1.4, new Godzilla content is here. Kong is also available

PUBG Mobile 1.4, new Godzilla content is here. Kong is also available

Update New! This is the latest content that you can find in PUBG Mobile version 1.4. Godzilla Versus is collaborating with a feature film that aired some time ago. Cong. Are you ready to watch the giant monster fight on PUBG mobile?

Moving to the latest version, PUBG Mobile will enter Update Version 1.4.0 Update This time it will focus on previously announced collaboration content, namely Godzilla Versus. Cong.

PUBG Mobile 1.4, new Godzilla content is here. Kong is also available

Yes, some time ago it was announced that PUBG Mobile will collaborate with the big screen film Godzilla Versus. Cong. However, this is not the first time Godzilla has been shut down by PUBG Mobile.

Last year through events like Godzilla, we also stopped at PUBG Mobile. Slightly different from the previous year, this time there will be a giant monster (Titan) who is also fighting in PUBG Mobile.

An excerpt from the official PUBG mobile website, Link Note Version 1.4 has been announced. A new set of content is ready to come with the players Update PUBG Mobile Version 1.4.0

PUBG mobile version 1.4 update file size

Update PUBG mobile version 1.4 is scheduled to launch on May 11, 2021. Don’t worry, as long as it’s around Update On, PUBG has a mobile server Realism. So you can run PUBG mobile even while playing Update.

The PUBG Mobile 1.4 update will take up 660 MB of space on your Android device. The iOS version takes up 1.67GB of storage space.

The good news is, you get a reward for doing it Update Or the update from May 11 to May 16 (UTC 0). The prizes that can be obtained are 2,888 bp, 100 AG and bonanza bananas (3rd).

PUBG Mobile New Content Version 1.4

A new mode called Titan Strikes is coming Update PUBG Mobile 1.4.0 In this mode, mysterious titans appear on maps such as Erangle, San Hok and Livik.

They would fight on the map, he shouted again, and the players could be seen carefully fighting giant monsters. The Titans who will appear at the collaboration event, namely Godzilla, King Kong and Mecca Godzilla will appear on a different map.

Coupe RP You will also find a new vehicle named. Cobb RP Car Sports Two chairs. This car is predicted to be the fastest car in the fashion world Kingdom of War.

Infiltrating at a speed of 150 km / h with the speed of Cope RP, you can easily rotate the map from end to end to repel enemies.

PUBG offers a new way to make the mobile gaming experience easier, more fun and enjoyable. There is OTS (new shooting mode)Over the shoulder) This will facilitate your accuracy when shooting.

There is an OTS button that you can activate via system settings. When pressed, greater accuracy can be achieved at the expense of operating speed.

Apart from that, there are still a few more Update Includes performance updates and improvements to the PUBG mobile game. For more information, you can visit  the official PUBG mobile website using the following link.

You can also watch the video below for an overview Update PUBG Mobile 1.4:

Have you tried this great new content in PUBG Mobile 1.4?


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