PUBG: New State Review

PUBG: New State Review

Of course, no one expected that PUBG would become one of the most popular multiplayer titles of all time. when amateur modder “Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene created his first mod for Arma II a few years ago. But like Minecraft and Counter-Strike, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground was created out of someone’s passion and enthusiasm, and then history.

Today, PUBG is played by millions of players and Greene and his current owner, PUBG Corporation, have made billions of dollars in profits from selling tons of cosmetics like skins and silly hats. PUBG: New State is not an expansion. nor is it an update but a new game with the idea of ​​bringing the Battle Royale genre to the future. It was released last week for Android and iOS (mobile exclusive) and has been marketed as the next big step in the PUBG world. The Battle of New State takes place in a new map of Troi set in 2051. The world is in an anarchic war and in the midst of this, 100 maniac killers with strange hair and pants jump from planes to fight to be the last man standing until the smoke clears.

New State runs just like the old game. It’s so similar to PUBG Mobile. The interface is the same, the layout and maps are slightly different from the original. I don’t really understand what makes it futuristic here, as the buildings, vehicles, weapons, and terrain and characters look the same as usual. This is quite confusing, because with developers showing graphics like Blade Runner / Robocop as marketing material before the game is released. Ad scam? It could be.

The only thing that feels different is that there are shelters running on the map that we can enter, which if we have the time and ability, can drive them and shoot at enemies who are just hiding behind the grass trying to defend themselves. In terms of gameplay, everything works like in PUBG Mobile.

Developer Krafton had the opportunity to take the aim and shoot system of Call of Duty Mobile which was much better than PUBG Mobile and Fortnite (mobile), but unfortunately they missed it. My iPhone 13 Pro Max screen is filled with graphics, icons, text, and information that wherever I press, accidentally activates what I don’t need. This is unfortunate, even after 30 games, most of which are wins.

Other than that, the game mechanics are pretty good. Like the original, New State doesn’t disappoint, the mini version is separate from the PC game, but it contains all the features found in the other versions and this is commendable. Graphically nothing has changed since the last time I played PUBG mobile, which in the next few years will look pretty laggy, especially considering the budget range that Krafton has.

As already mentioned, I was expecting a more dystopian feel from a design standpoint along with more polished graphics and lighting – technically speaking. However, functionally, loading is faster and of course it can still be played on older smartphones and tablets. Basically, New State feels just like a new map. Like mini upgrades to basic games that can be given to PUBG Mobile instead of making new games. It’s fun, but considering how superior Call of Duty Mobile is here, structurally, mechanically and graphically – PUBG feels like it’s missing out on a competitive edge.

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