PUBG PC Will Be a Free to Play Game from January 2022

PUBG PC Will Be a Free to Play Game from January 2022

PUBG: Battlegrounds will move to a free-to-play structure on PC and console starting January 12, 2022. The announcement about the conversion of PUBG: Battlegrounds to a free-to-play game was announced by Krafton at The Game Awards.

Although the original version of PUBG will be able to be played for free, there are still some elements that require players to spend money later.

Starting January 12, the game will feature two tiers. A free Basic Account which offers access to most of the game’s features, and Battlegrounds Plus which offers much more, including a ranked mode, for a one time fee. $ 12.99 or approximately Rp. 186 thousand.

Those who have paid for the previous game will automatically become part of Battlegrounds Plus.

Players who upgrade to Plus after purchasing the previous game will also receive a Special Commemoration Pack, including the Battle-Hardened, Shackle and Shanks Legacy Pan costume skin set and the Battle-Hardened Legacy nameplate.

In the weeks leading up to the free-to-play switch, developer Krafton opened a pre-registration website to try out new versions of the game, as well as offer other activities that allow for free in-game items.

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PUBG is the first in a wave of highly successful battle royale games that have dominated the gaming market in recent years.

Previously, the Sensor Tower Intelligence report stated that PUBG Mobile from Tencent has exceeded USD 7 billion or around Rp. 100.3 Trillion in terms of total lifetime revenue. This figure comes from player spending around the world on the App Store and Google Play.

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