Pure Tuber Mod Apk Download No Ads Latest Version 2022

Most users use pure tuber mod apk as an entertainment platform that offers many interesting videos in it. You can find a variety of cool videos to watch freely. However, the drawback of Youtube is that it displays too many ads which makes its users uncomfortable.

You can delete your own ads by subscribing first. However, you have to spend some money. Of course not all users can do this, therefore as a solution you can use the Pure Tuber Mod Apk which allows users to watch videos on Youtube without ads.

Currently, many Youtube users are looking for a way to be able to watch Youtube without annoying ads. How to use pure tube is very easy because it has an interface similar to Youtube in general. Therefore, if you are interested and want to know in more detail about the Pure Tuber Mod Apk, please see the full explanation below.

What is Pure Tuber Mod Apk

Pure Tuber Apk is a cloned application from Youtube, and using this interesting application allows you to watch various videos on Youtube without ads. In addition, you can also enjoy all the premium features in it without having to subscribe first.

Of course it’s different from the original Youtube, to remove ads on Youtube you need a premium subscription and you have to spend some money. However, this does not apply if you use Pure Tuber Mod Apk. There are lots of interesting features that you can use for free, and to find out what the full features are in the application. Please see the full explanation below.

Pure Tuber Mod Apk Features

Fitur Pure Tuber Mod Apk

Pure Tuber Mod Apk offers many interesting features to be used for free, you can use it freely to make it easier for users to watch ad-free youtube videos. As a new user, you must know what feature sets are embedded in the application. Please see the explanation below.

Ads Blocker

When you’re watching a video, you can easily block annoying ads. And all the videos you watch will not find many ads in the application. This makes activities even more comfortable without any disturbance.


Like the Youtube application, this pure tuber mod apk can also display a variety of video lists that can be played later. If you often listen to songs on the platform, this feature is already familiar, right?

Ultra HD

Pure tube mod APK also provides a very interesting ultra HD resolution feature, and users can enjoy a variety of cool videos to watch them live with the best quality. That way, you can get clear and stunning video shows.

Floating Features

Another advantage that you can find in the pure tube mod is the Floating Features. This feature makes it easy for users to create floating videos on the Youtube platform. And you can look for other cool videos to play, therefore you can enjoy this premium feature for free through pure tube mod.

Youtube Similar Interface

Users will be presented with an interface that is very similar to youtube so it is very easy to use later. As a youtube user, of course you are already used to using this application, therefore you will not find it difficult to use this pure tube mod APK application.

Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video
Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video
Developer: Unknown
Price: To be announced

Download Pure Tuber Mod Apk

Pure Tuber Mod APK allows you to enjoy all the premium features of Youtube and can watch videos without ads. Of course this application can be operated for free without subscribing again. And make it easier for you to get various benefits in it.

In the following, we will share the download link for the latest version of the Pure Tuber Mod Apk 2022 to be used right now. The pure tube mod application can already be operated on Android phones, for the original version itself, you can get it directly through the Google Playstore. However, if you are looking for Pure Tuber Mod APK, please press the download button below.

How to Install Pure Tuber Apk

If you are still having trouble installing this interesting application, we will provide a detailed explanation for you to follow right now. So, please see the explanation as follows.

  1. The first step, please download puretube mod apk first
  2. If you have, open Settings on your cellphone
  3. Select Security & Privacy, and tick the Unknown sources section
  4. If so, open the storage file and find the downloaded APK file earlier
  5. Then click install, and wait for the results to finish
  6. Done

Please follow all the steps above to be able to install the pure tube mod application on the device you are using. If it is already installed, please use the application now. However, for those of you who are still confused, follow the tips below.

How to Use Pure Tuber Mod Apk

Pure tuber mod is equipped with an interface similar to Youtube, therefore how to use this application is not difficult. If you want to use this application only to search for content and without the need for history in it, then please use this application without the need to log in to an account again.

And vice versa, if you want to save the history, please login first. Then you can display all the shows on Youtube easily. And you only need to open the Pure Tube application to start operating it directly.

Is Pure Tuber Mod Apk Safe to Use?

Until now this apk is still safe to use and does not show any problems. However, because pure tube mod is developed by a third party.

Therefore, you must be diligent in updating it so that you can still get updates from the application. And another safe way, you shouldn’t need to login again to enjoy a variety of interesting videos on Pure Tube.

Pure Tuber Mod Info

1. VIP features unlocked.

2. Languages: en, ru;

3. The icon is original;

4. The name “YouTube”;

5. Graphics changed;

6. In the Dark version, the Black color has been changed

Final Words

That’s the explanation that we can convey about the Pure Tuber Mod Apk that you can use right now, please download and install the application directly through this article. And use all the interesting features that you can use for free. Hopefully this article is useful, thank you so much.

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