Quantum Technology : The Future Of Safer Internet

Quantum Technology : The Future Of Safer Internet

Toshiba, a high-tech electronics company in Japan, has designed quantum Internet technology  that is claimed to be safer to use.

Quantum Internet technology will make it possible to connect with quantum computers to overcome some of the major problems in the Internet security industry.

Now, Toshiba researchers have demonstrated an unprecedented quantum communication service, sent over 600 kilometers of fiber optics.

Quantum Technology : The Future Of Safer Internet

According to Phys , in today’s conventional computers, information is encoded in bits that are represented as zeros or ones.

But in a quantum computer, information is encoded in quantum bits (qubits) that can change at the same time. It is considered to dramatically expand the potential of computing power, which means that it can solve problems beyond the reach of ordinary computers.

But the challenge with quantum computing is that qubits are considered sensitive to natural disturbances such as temperature fluctuations or vibrations that risk shuffling the data. That challenge makes it difficult to transmit quantum information over long distances.

Now, researchers at Toshiba are staking a claim on the distance record for quantum communications over optical fiber.

The key is that a dual band stabilization technique will be developed, to transmit two optical reference signals together from the qubits.

The first reference signal transmits a wavelength designed to eliminate environmental fluctuations, while the second functions at the same wavelength as the qubit.

Using this double-band technique, the team was able to keep the quantum signal constant up to several dozen nanometers.

The researchers say that the first use of the technology will be for the use of encryption called Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

This encryption technique takes advantage of a quantum rule where the act of breaking in will be useless to the hacker, then the system will alert the user of the attempt.

“QKD has been used to secure the metropolitan area networks in recent years,” said Andrew Shields, head of the Quantum Technology Division at Toshiba Europe, reported by the New Atlas .

He further explained that QKD is also considered to be able to expand the range of the quantum network, making it possible to connect cities across countries and continents, without using intermediate nodes.

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