RealMe GT got banned from AnTuTu for cheating on benchmark results

Realme Gt Was Expelled From Antutu For Cheating On Benchmark.jpeg

Cellphone sellers are competing to make high-performance flagship phones, which can top the list of definitions. There are even some who are disappointed to get such high benchmark results Realme GT Just.

Prior to the announcement of RealMe GT, VP RealMe uploaded a screen shot showing the main result of 770,221 points in Xu Chase and version 8. This figure is higher than most phones stuck on Snapdragon 888 with 710,000 points.

Even Qualcomm’s official figures only reach 735,439 points. The team bought one unit to wait and test until RealMe GT was sold, the results of which were uploaded to their Weibo account on Thursday (18/3/2021) as quoted from the GSM arena.

Because RAM capacity and internal memory affect key output, the Untouchables team bought a unit with a 12GB / 256GB configuration. They managed to get the 750,000 marks, but on further investigation they found two problems.

Have AnTuTu Realme GT The smaller CPU core accommodates many of the threads that need to be run until it runs on the larger core. That got a high level score.

Apart from that, RealMe also modified the JPG images that Untutu used for the GT UX test. Realme GT found that bypassing some JPG decompression processing instead showed a lower quality image to reduce processing time.

Because of this, Antuto decided to remove RealMe GT from its benchmark list for three months. If RealMe changes the software on its phone to run normally, RealMe GT will be allowed to log in again. Otherwise, Realme GT will be permanently blocked.

In his statement, a spokesman Realme He said the key results were accurate and did not violate any rules. This Chinese seller discussed with AnTuTu to solve this problem.

Meanwhile, the AnTuTu team is developing a version 9 application that will have an anti-cheat feature. Therefore, if the app detects fraud, the important points will be deducted from the final result.