Report : More targeted Cryptocurrency Attacks are expected in 2022

Report : More targeted Cryptocurrency Attacks are expected in 2022

Cyber ​​attacks that took place throughout 2021 were recorded to continue to adapt in pursuit of profit. Since most of them are motivated by money, financial threats have always been one of the most important parts of the cyber threat landscape.

Looking back on the crucial events and trends shaping the financial threat sector in 2021, Kaspersky researchers have forecast some of the landscapes that are expected to occur in 2022. Here are their key predictions:

Targeted cryptocurrency attacks will continue to grow

Since cryptocurrency is a digital asset and all transactions are done online, it offers anonymity to users. This is an interesting feature for cybercrime groups.

However, not only cybercriminal organizations but state-sponsored threat actors are also targeting this industry. In his prediction, the APT group rose to attack the cryptocurrency business aggressively, and this activity will still continue in the next year.

Crypto hardware-based threats

As cryptocurrency attacks become more targeted, cybercriminals continue to find new ways to steal investors’ financial assets.

In terms of cryptocurrency investment opportunities, the researchers in this case concluded that cybercriminals would exploit the manufacture and sale of illegal devices with backdoors, followed by social engineering campaigns and other techniques to steal victims’ financial assets.

Infostealer acceleration and upgrades

Simplicity, affordability and effectiveness in attacks will play a key role in adopting Infostealer against financial assets, at least as a first-stage data collector.

Different threat actors will take advantage of it to profile victims for further attacks. This includes but is not limited to targeted Ransomware attacks, traditional targeted attacks and more.

Mobile banking trojans on the rise

The mobile banking phenomenon that has been driven by the pandemic is also getting more mature. Kaspersky experts predict more mobile banking Trojans for the Android platform, especially RATs that can circumvent the security systems adopted by banks (such as OTP and MFA), and will move globally.

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