Privacy Risks Of Using WhatsApp Mod Version

Privacy Risks Of Using WhatsApp Mod Version

WhatsApp  is one of the most used messaging applications. WhatsApp users have now reached billions from all over the world.

The popularity of WhatsApp makes a number of parties take advantage of it by making modifications. Modified WhatsApp (MOD) is a WhatsApp application added with a number of varied features . Some examples of WhatsApp Mods include GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and so on.

This modified WhatsApp application is not an official application developed by WhatsApp. The security of this application is also not guaranteed. There are several dangers of modified WhatsApp that threaten the privacy of its users.

Here are 5 dangers of modified WhatsApp.

1. Harmful for the device

Privacy Risks Of Using WhatsApp Mod Version

The danger of modified WhatsApp is that it can threaten the device you are using (Photo: Istockphoto/ Farknot_Architect)


According to research by the Internet Research Institute, the modified version of WhatsApp is more prone to injecting malware and spyware into the devices you use such as your smartphone

In addition, WhatsApp modifications are more likely to carry viruses that can harm the device and user data.

2. Unencrypted


Whatsapp illustration. CNN Indonesia/Bisma SeptalismaThe danger of modified WhatsApp is that it doesn’t have an encryption feature that can keep your data safe when communicating online. (Photo: CNN Indonesia/Bisma Septalisma)


The official WhatsApp application has an end-to-end encryption system that makes all conversations on a WhatsApp account protected and cannot be snooped on by anyone.

While on WhatsApp MOD, generally this application is not encrypted and is prone to leaking to third parties which can be a threat to the security of user privacy.

3. Unable to update


Whatsapp illustration. CNN Indonesia / Bhishma SeptalismaThe danger of modified WhatsApp is that it can’t update automatically. (Photo: CNN Indonesia/ Bhishma Septalisma)


Updates in WhatsApp MOD tend to be difficult because they are not automatic like on the official WhatsApp. Users often have to go to links that may contain malware.

4. Risk ofo getting blocked


WhatsApp IllustrationThe danger of modified WhatsApp is that it can make your WhatsApp account temporarily or permanently blocked. (Photo: istockphoto/ oatawa)


Using modified WhatsApp can get your WhatsApp account blocked. Referring to the official WhatsApp website, WhatsApp will take firm action against fraudulent WhatsApp users by temporarily or permanently blocking accounts.

5. Annoying Ads

Modified WhatsApp developers on average earn revenue from the results of advertisements placed on the application’s homepage. The presence of these ads can annoy you while using the application.

Ads on this app may also contain viruses and may lead you to dangerous sites.

That’s the danger of modified WhatsApp that threatens privacy. Avoid using modified WhatsApp to prevent these dangers.

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