RS player (w chromecast): Radios from the world v39 (Paid)

Rs Player W Chromecast Radios From The World

RS_player is a player able to play radio channels from all around the world organized on The radios can be easily updated through the APP or within the website

more description of the RS_player is here described:

With a personal account on the website, users can search, add and organize streaming radios for free. One channel can have multiple links and an indicator to help to remember if the link is working or not.

RS_player is easy to use: from the “radios” tab, you can select from a menu list, the preferred country group and after you can easily listen one of the radio by clicking the button play associated. The radio with the selected link can be added in the favorite tab.

The radios can be sent to Chromecast (audio and video):
details is described in this link:

or to a Raspberry PI properly configured:
setup is described in this link:

Download Links:

RS_player_39.apk – 23.4 MB | Mirror

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