Rumor: Google’s Latest Tensor Chipset Is Samsung’s Exynos 9855

Rumor: Google's Latest Tensor Chipset Is Samsung's Exynos 9855

The presence of a chipset made by Google, the Tensor SoC, is one of the highlights of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 smartphone series. Then now, another interesting rumor appears about this latest chipset.

Apparently, the Tensor SoC chipset which is claimed to be able to make the Pixel 6 series the most powerful Pixel smartphone, is actually a CPU chipset that has not been released from Samsung, namely the Exynos 9855.

That is, Samsung has sold its chipset to Google. This information is based on leaks contained in the Galaxy Club. The report also claims that the Exynos 9855 shares R&D code with Whitechapel.

Talking about the Exynos 9855 chipset, based on reports circulating last year, it is rumored that Samsung is developing two high-end processors with internal numbers Exynos 9855 and Exynos 9955.

If the news that Google’s Tensor chipset is the original form of the Exynos 9955 is true, then the Tensor SoC is confirmed to be Samsung’s full power chip that uses a 5nm process instead of 4nm. In other words, the upcoming Pixel 6 series is likely to indeed bring a powerful performance that can attract the attention of gadget lovers.

Until now, there has been no official response from Google regarding this rumor. Since the emergence of the Tensor SoC, Google claims that the presence of this Tensor chip is an innovation in itself. The company does not present it as an innovation obtained from other companies. But if this rumor is not true, Google should immediately give a rebuttal so as not to lead fans’ expectations to a higher level. Will Google be talking about these rumors? We will see later.

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