Run WordPress For Free With TasteWP

TasteWP allows users to run a new WordPress instance in seconds. Web-based sandboxes like these are quite popular, as they are easy to run and break when doing quick testing of plugins or themes.

This method is easier than maintaining a local development environment, which many casual WordPress users can’t take the time to set up.

A sandbox is a test environment that isolates untested and experimental code changes directly from the production environment or repositories, in the context of software development including Web development and revision control.

Run WordPress For Free With TasteWP

The web created by TasteWP will be hosted for 48 hours for guest users and 7 days for registered users. One-click setup provides you with a random URL and login credentials.

This free WordPress is limited to 220MB per instance. A notification of successful setup will be displayed on the dashboard with information on when the site will be automatically deleted. TasteWP limits guest users to creating 2 sites and 6 for registered users.

When creating a new web site, Advanced Options allow the user to set up multisite, select the PHP version, the WordPress version, select a theme and a number of other advanced configuration options. The PHP version can also be changed in the site manager.

TasteWP reminds us of the service which is no longer there. Apart from its obnoxious and unforgettable name, is loaded with flashy enhancement ads that pop up on the screen at regular intervals. TasteWP takes a different step for promotion and includes its three plugins pre-installed on the default test site.

TasteWP is run by Inisev, a company with 15 employees who have been developing WordPress plugins for four years.

Inisev co-founder Nicolas Ahmann said his team is currently funding their project from private funds as well as several private investors.

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