Russia to use Artificial intelligence to identify dangerous schoolchildrens

Russia to use Artificial intelligence to identify dangerous schoolchildrens

The authorities are planning to allocate 1.7 billion rubles for the creation of software within the framework of the national project “Education”. It will be used to identify students with propensities for socially dangerous and destructive behavior by analyzing their written work. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the explanatory note to the draft federal budget for 2022.

It is reported that the draft budget was approved by the government on September 21. It is planned to submit it to the State Duma on October 1. So far, nothing is known about the details of creating the software and plans for the timing of its implementation in Russian educational institutions.

Oleg Smolin, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Education and Science in the State Duma of the VII convocation, believes that the impetus for the creation of a project to develop such software was the increased incidence of violence in educational institutions. Let us remind you that on September 20, a young man carried out an armed attack on the Perm State University. Earlier, on May 11, a similar incident happened in the Kazan gymnasium No. 175.

The experts interviewed by Vedomosti believe that it is possible to identify changes in human behavior by analyzing big data, for example, essays over several years. There is a possibility that the developed software will produce a random result that has to be interpreted by a teacher or school psychologist.

Lawyers believe that for such software to work, it will be necessary to amend the current legislation. According to them, in order to study the work of students, it will be necessary, at a minimum, to obtain their consent or a legal representative.

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