Russian hacker group disappeared after Putin received complaint from US President

Russian hacker group disappeared after Putin received complaint from US President

All the darknet resources of the REvil hacker group (aka Sodinokibi) were suddenly shut down. This happened almost immediately after US President Joe Biden complained about her to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It is believed that the REvil group includes Russian and Russian-speaking hackers. They are engaged in cyberattacks on companies in multiple countries. They infect computers with ransomware viruses and demands a ransom for decrypting data. The buyback amount depends on the size of the company and the value of the data; Ransom can reach several million US dollars.

It is known that the Brazilian company JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, suspended its work for several days due to infected computers and paid REvil about $ 11 million to recover locked and encrypted data. In April 2021, the group claimed responsibility for infecting computers at Quanta, which manufactures laptops for Apple.

Security experts know that REvil members communicate with each other in Russian. REvil can be deciphered as Russian Evil – “Russian evil.”

A few days ago, Joe Biden, in a telephone conversation, demanded to stop the actions of ransomware hackers who, according to his information, are in Russia. Biden said that if the Russian authorities remain inactive, they support illegal activities aimed at other countries. Then the US authorities will have to turn off the hacker’s servers themselves. Who stopped the actions of the hackers, the United States or Russia, is still unknown. It is also unclear whether they were stopped by force or whether they decided to curtail their activities.

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