Samsung boosts privacy protection with a new update to its Android browser

Samsung boosts privacy protection with a new update to its Android browser

Samsung has released a beta version of the Samsung Internet 15.0 browser. The application has received new features designed to make life easier for users and provide additional information protection through enhanced privacy features.

What’s new in this release

Intelligent protection against website tracking of users

Intelligent protection

The beta version of Samsung Internet 15.0 protects against digital fingerprinting, a method that studies the use of the network to determine information about users. With advanced anti-tracking technology, Samsung Internet 15.0 beta provides the ultimate in privacy.

The updated application allows you to delete the information that the browser has stored on the device and gives an accurate view of this data. In addition, after activating the “secret” mode, the browser remains in it by default and the user does not need to turn on the function every time.

Fast search and easy navigation

A new intuitive home screen widget for Samsung Internet 15.0 Beta makes it easy to find information. In order to use it, you only need to type a text or make a voice request.

To make browsing the Internet even easier, Samsung Internet 15.0 Beta temporarily stores your last browsed web pages so you can quickly restore them. This reduces the load on the network.

The launch of the public version of Samsung Internet 15.0 is scheduled for late summer following the completion of beta testing. Browser users will be notified when a new version is available.

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